Thursday, September 10, 2009

This is the end....

Hey readers...if there are any left at this point. I've been a bad, bad little blogger, I know. It turns out I just don't have the time/energy/creativity to run 2 blogs. So I have decided to shut this one down. I will still, on occasion post my wrestling thought. I am keeping my other blog and will incorporate. I hope you will join me over there, for all things me :)

Till than, take care, and a huge thank you for reading!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Change of Direction

Been awhile folks. Sorry bout that. I have been thinking about direction of this blog, and frankly watching WWE programing is really tiring me out. It's that bad. So I've decided that for mow this will be a primarily TNA blog. I'll still make the odd post about WWE, but I'll focus on covering Impact,and TNA PPV's starting this week. So look for a new post by Sunday afternoon with my thoughts on this weeks Impact!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Conrats to John Cena!

Just a quick post before I go to work. I just read on that John Cena is rumored to be getting married this weekend.

My heartfelt Congrats to Mr Cena, and his new Bride, who is apparently his high school sweetheart.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My thoughts on Monday Night Raw from July 6/09

Okay peeps (tee-hee) I finally got around to watching this weeks Raw, and all I can say is thank god for the Million Dollar Man and MVP. They made it actually entertaining for the first time in weeks. How sad is it the highlights of the show had nothing to do with wrestling? *Sigh*

This will be much shorter than my Smackdown post, because I didn't bother to take notes and I'm running of memory. And let's face it, not much was memorable. SO here are my impressions on what I can remember.

It was great to see the Million Dollar Man back. I was always a huge fan of his growing up (I think he was the only heel I liked) and he didn't disappoint me. From that first laugh I was enthralled whenever he was on screen this week. I loved every word that came out of his mouth...especially when he told Cody what he thought of his dad (Why would the Million Dollar Man ever associate with the common man?) I only wish he had actually forced Cody to wear his old mans polka dots. Now that would have been great!

Speaking of Cody...waht a joke. Yes, I understand you cannot concivable beat a man the size and strenght of Mark Henry. Suck it up princess. Don't bail like a coward (*cough Randy Orton cough*) stay in there and take your licks boy! Like your friend Ted...

I was relativly immpressed by the young Dibiase. There is no denying he has talent. Here's hoping we are close to seeing the end of Legacy so we can see him be more than Randy Orton's bitch. He held his own in his match though, so good on him for that.

The diva's match....yeah I fast forwarded through that. The diva's hold nothing for me, so I just wait for TNA to watch women wrestle. Although I did notice Gail Kim got the pin. Perhalps she might actually be used somewhat properly on Raw.

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne...good match but too short. I like both the guys, and think they are fantastic talents. Hopefully one day we will see a longer match between them.

The VIP lounge rocked. May I just say now that I love MVP? I liked him as a heel, but the face push they are giving him is great. And watching the two time (two time) all american reject (okay so I added the last part in) back down from MVP was great. I hope MVP beats the stupid smirk off his face soon!

The main event was pathetic yet again, and the three way match for Night of Champions was so predictable my hubby called it at the start of the match. But that does bring me to another rant...

I am really frustraed with the WWE trying to "clean up" there shows. The F-U is now the attitude ajustment? THe STFU has lost a letter too. To that I say WTF. We cancelled WWE on demand because now they are editing blood out of the old matches, turning them black and white in places where somebody is busted wide open. I understand trying to be family friendly, but the shows on at 9pm, give us adults a break would ya? Even as a kid I would have thought this was hella lame. ANd while I'm on a tangent, whats with the King using all of JR lines? If you want JR back on Raw, then just freaking move him back there. As the hurricane would say "what's up with dat?"

Here's hoping next week will be better...although I'm quickly losing hope. At least I have Thursday (and Impact) to look forward to.

Till then, take it easy. And leave me your thoughts in the comments :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Smackdown, Friday July 3

Okay, I promise last post for the day. I just finished watching Smackdown and was left feeling...pretty unsatisfied actually. Better than Raw but I honestly expect better than this. So here are my thoughts on the matches, and backstage stuff.

The first bit with CM Punk and Jeff Hardy was the first thing that pissed me off. Honestly I just don't get how the same people that cheered when Punk cashed in Money in the bank last year are now booing him because he did the same to Jeff Hardy. I mean honestly, get a grip. I like Jeff Hardy, I really do but fair is fair, and let's be really honest here..Jeff hardy will never be a long time champ in the WWE. Why? Because people seem to like him as the under dog? Or is it because Vince is still punishing him for his reported drug problems, and for going to TNA? I don't know, but either way I don't see him ever holding the belt for more than a month. Sorry folks, but that's not CM Punk's fault. I really don't like the heel direction they are taking Punk in, but I understand it. Fans booing=heel. Sigh

The Finlay/Ricky Ortiz match- I didn't overly care about this match, but I do have to say as one of the first times I have seen Ortiz that he impressed me a bit. I'll keep an eye on him in the future.

Maria and Dolph Ziggler- I'm not really sure how I feel about this. I like the fact that he seemed almost nervous around Maria, but at the same time he really freaking annoys me. How many times do I have to hear the guy introduce himself? I get that it's his gimmick, but honestly, it's just irritating. I'll keep a wait and see attitude on this one.

Cryme Time and Eve Word Up- Okay that was just funny...until I saw what they are doing to poor Jeese. Please please PLEASE let this be a one time thing!

Ray Mysterio/Kane match- Ummm yeah I've seen this match before. Like a million times before. Ok maybe not that many, but enough that I no longer care. I fast forwarded the whole thing.

Hart Dynasty/Cryme Time match- Might have been the best match of the show...seriously. Both of these groups are quickly becoming favs of mine (Alright, I've been a cryme time fan since day one. I just like them more everytime I see them, both in and out of the ring)

At some point during watching this both my hubby and I had to ask, WTF is up with good ol' JR? Is it just me or is he becoming a heel announcer....and not a very good one either.

Michelle McCool & Layla/Melina & Maria match- If you guessed that I didn't care about this at all, than you would be right. I hate the WWE's women's division. Sure the girls are pretty...that's great for them. Some of them actually have real talent (Melina being one of them) but until the show what they can really do, I have no time for this crap. I fast forwareded this one too.

John Morrison and Teddy Long_ Best backstage bit of the night. I laughed so hard I almost fell off the couch. Watching the Shamen of Sexy sing Michael Jackson songs (with his own spin of course) was priceless. But could somebody please inform Teddy Long that he no longer needs to wear the same suits he had when he wsa fat. For the love of god man, get suits that fit! Yes I get that's his "cool, urban-type style" but it just looks silly.

And now for the last match..Edge & Chris Jericho/ CM Punk & Jeff Hardy. I only have one word for this match. Pathetic. Completly pathetic and had no redeeming features. And considering as all four of these men have immense talent it pains me to say that. I wish Vince would stop wasting his good talent and actually "shake things up" like he keeps saying he's doing, instead of just spoonfeeding us the same crap over and over again.

That's it for now. I would love to hear your opinions on Smackdown, and WWE right now. Leave me a little something in the comments! :)

My views on the current state of wrestling, or my state of the union address

Okay so as promised here are my views on the current state of pro wrestling. I figured the easy way to do this is show by show, so without further ado....

Raw- The flagship show really of the WWE. Monday night raw for the past few months has just plain sucked. Honestly, if I see Randy Orton win one more match by cheating I swear I'll scream! Legacy is a joke, the tag time division is a joke, the diva's....yeah there a joke too. The Diva's champ is annoying as all hell. And the worse part is they actually have some good talent on the Raw roster. So why are they not used properly? Why are guys like MVP and The Brian Kendrick not being used to there full potential? And yet the Miz gets to fight Cena week after freaking week. Does anybody give a crap? Not me. I watch this on my PVR and honestly I've been skipping most of it. And it saddens me to say it.

Smackdown- I have not been watching this regularly in about a year. I need to start again. The whole Vikki/Edge angle I hated, and it really turned me off this brand. However from what I've seen in the past few weeks, I'm liking this more than Raw (yeah I can't believe I said that either, but given my options...) They have some good talent in CM Punk, R-Truth and Jeff Hardy. The down side...well I have to listen to Chris Jericho go on and on. Not a good thing. And I used to be a Jericholic. I'll reserve anymore judgement on this show for now. In a few weeks I'll do another post about this, once I've had the chance to watch some more smackdown.

ECW- I don't watch it. I will not ever watch it. Not even Christian can make me want to watch. And I'm a peep through and through. I used to watch ECW in it's original incarnation. When it was EXTREME. Now it's just weak and watered down. Let's be honest, when Vince bought the name and the rights, he did it to kill the legacy of something that he did not create. And he's doing a fine job of it. That's all I have to say on that one for now.

TNA: Impact- Before you start to wonder why I would call my self a fan when I don't like anything that has the McMahon name on it right now. This is why. TNA is blowing everything the WWE has out of the water in my opinion. The talent they have is amazing, honestly amazing. The Knockouts are not like the Diva's. They actually fight...pretty hardcore too. I mean I've seen a chick thrown onto tacks twice in the past month. To me that's awesome. That the knockouts are not in bra and panty matches, they actually wrestle real matches is a huge plus to me. And it's not just the ladies. With talent like AJ Styles (my fav at the moment), Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Jay Lethal, Abyss...I could go on, but honestly they just blow my mind. These guys are so athletic and so talented . And the best part is most of them are not huge guys! Most of them are the guys that would be mid-carders or jobbers in the WWE. And then there are the tag teams. Beer Money and LAX are two that stand out to me. It's good to see the tag team is not truly dead. I don't think I even need to mention the talent they have acquired from WWE in past years. It must be the 6 sides, because I've never seen most of these guys look better!

If you've made it through this whole thing, Thank you!! I know it's a lot and next time I think I'll break it into separate entries. I would love to hear what you think about the state of wrestling. Please leave your thoughts in the comments. See you next time!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My first blog entry....ever!

Holy crow! My first post!

Well if you have just stumbled across my little blog...welcome! I guess I should introduce myself, and tell ya`ll a little about me.

My name is Krissy, but you can call me wrestling wife :) I`m 29 years old (about to hit the big 3-0 next month...EEK!) I have been married to the man of my dreams since October 25th, 2008 and we have a nice little life going for us.

Now on to what your really hear for....Wrestling! I have been a fan for as long as I can really remember. I started watching in the 80`s when I was about 5 or so (much to my mothers disapproval) and have loved it since day one. I have drifted away from it at times, but always returned, and now cannot imagine not watching. We try to watch both WWE and TNA on a weekly basis, but at times I do fall behind. I`m hoping this blog will keep me watching on a more regular basis so I can keep it up to date with my thoughts and opinions,

Speaking of thoughts and opinions, I should let you know know that I am very passionate about my wrestling opinions. I have seen good times and bad times in the wrestling world, and if I see something I don`t like, you will hear about it. Of course the same goes for the stuff I love.

So now you know about me. In my next post, I`ll tell you all about my favorites, and who I can`t stand. I`ll also give you my honest opinion on the state of both WWE TV and TNA over the past few months, and what I would like to see in the months to come. I hope you`ll stay with me and continue reading the perspectives of a female wrestling fan.